May 23, 2024

Diabetes Diet: 8 Summer-Friendly Drinks to Keep Blood Sugar in Check

Sattu drink has many nutritional benefits that includes enhancing digestion and improving blood sugar levels

Bel (Wood apple) drink is high in antioxidants and manages blood sugar levels

Kokum is a small, round fruit almost the size of cherry tomatoes. For diabetics, it is recommended to consume kokum juice without sugar.

Buttermilk drink consist of probiotics which is beneficial for gut health, and digestion and help manages diabetes.

Cranberry is loaded with Vitamins E and C. Expert recommend opting for pure and unsweetened cranberry juice for diabetics.

Vegetable juices are a healthy option for diabetics when choosing a summer drink. Packed with vitamins and minerals, they are known to lower blood sugar levels.

coconut water is known to cool the body and contain antioxidants. It can be combined with sabja seeds (basil seeds), which enhances the flavour and is suitable for diabetics.

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